Sending you greetings from the Aztec country! – ARHIVA

Well today I’m proud to show you an amazing place, where nature seems to be just perfect, where you can forget about everything and become one with the wonderful view.


The place I’m presenting today is called La Huasteca Potosina and it is such an amazing place to explore and have lots of fun, la Huasteca Potosina includes many features of nature such as wonderful plant life, lakes, caves and even beautiful waterfalls…


first Id like to start by showing you the pictures from the quite places like the lakes, its amazing being in there you can feel extremely relaxed by listening to the birds and diving your feet into the water, the temperature is great!!!


La Huasteca Potosina, as I mentioned before has many beautiful waterfalls and secret caves which are just perfect to explore, I couldnt get pics from inside the caves because it was kind of dark, but I can show those waterfalls, is great because you can walk really close to them, I can say that I really feel free being there, it really is an incredible experience


Now one of my favorite pictures because you can see a bigger waterfall, this picture was taken from a hill just before the big waterfalls, it is unbelievable, isnt it


Then, once again very close to the waterfalls, it was a great adventure!!


The level of the water is not that high in the morning (because the flow increases by the afternoon) so many people take advantage of that and they enjoy swI’mming in this place, obviously you need to use protection.


I liked this picture a lot, you can see the secret lake just under those trees, but be careful where you walk, because you can slide on the ground hehe!


You can get a guide from the place and if you dare you can even get a small boat and take a ride all over the lake!!! Or maybe you can go up to the top of the hill and take a look to this landscape


Well, what else can I say, I guess pictures talk by their selves, I hope you have liked and enjoy this article, thanx for reading it, and I wish you have an amazing week, and more exciting trips!!!


By: May C.L.

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