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Hello Black Mamba’s crew, my name is May and I’m from Mexico City, first of all I want to say that I’m very proud and honored of writing for this wonderful site.

Well, today I want to show you a little part of Mexico, I’m happy of introducing you to one place which has natural beauty, and lots of history about Mexico, this place is better known as Chapultepec which in mexican means place of grasshoppers and of course that means that Chapultepec has a wide variety of nature and anI’mals.


Please let me show you first some pictures which reveal Chapultepec and its beauty; the first picture I will show to you is this one of the Chapultepec woods, look at the sun light running through the trees.


The following picture also shows the woods and the lake of Chapultepec, it is a very quit place, which is visited for many people, I have to say the weather is great, and if you visit Mexico for sure you have to come here. Walking by the bridge really gives a sensation of peace and tranquility.


the following picture is definitely one of my favorites, I have to say that I was there  and I sI’mply didnt want to move because the view was great, you can enjoy a view like this and listening with the birds singing. I have to say that if you are willing to have wilder experiences you can go to the other part of the lake where you can take a trip in your own boat, or if you dare you can take a kayak in order to explore the lake!!!


After take pleasure in watching this views, I decided to go to other part of Chapultepec because besides of being a lake and a forest, Chapultepec also has a huge zoo and the only castle you can find in the whole American continent, but before telling you about those parts, I want to show you something very special that I found for the black mamba site, so take a look


Snakes have been part of Azteca culture since thousands of years ago, actually, the must I’mportant God of the Aztecas named Quetzalcoatl had the form of a snake with feathers, in the picture you can read, the meaning of the snake for the aztecas.


The translation is:


Quetzalcoatl is the snake with feathers

that in the old Mexico

was symbol of the tI’me and the years

Quetzalcoatl is compound of the words

Quetzalli, because of the bird quetzal

And coatl which means snake.

The snake is associated with the gods of earth.”


I guess it will be very easy for you to recognize the following picture, thats right it is a green mamba, a very beautiful and poison snake, that picture was specially taken for you!!!


I want to point out that taking the pictures of these snakes was not easy at all, pictures were forbidden, so I had to take them secretly hahaha but it was worthy!!!


this is the poster you can find at the entrance of the place where the snakes are, there many more snakes, sadly I couldnt take more pictures because they were going to be feed and people from the place wouldnt let me take those pictures.


I hope you have liked these pictures and information about one of the most famous and traditional places at Mexico city, hopefully Ill be sending you more pictures soon, take care and see you soon in another adventure!!!


By May   


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